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The Dinosaur Show

Your school can take part in a family event and school fundraiser with a difference. It’s called the Dinosaur Show.

The Dinosaur Show

  • Is professional live family theatre
  • Is performed in your school hall for one night
  • Donates a percentage of its ticket sales to your school

The unique idea behind the dinosaur show is that it uses school halls to bring professional theatre to communities (in the evenings after school) at an affordable price and schools can raise funds at the same time.

But best of all is the show itself.

The Dinosaur Show transforms your school hall into a live theatre and takes the audience back to the Jurassic age with life size dinosaurs and an amazing lighting and sound show.

The Dinosaur Show’s story is titled, I Eat Therefore I Am! It is about Tyson, a young dinosaur who can’t stop eating – even his friends! The Dinosaur Show uses amazing life like puppets and a little bit of dinosaur poo to create a magical story the whole family can enjoy.

The Dinosaur show can fit into any school hall and is designed to be a great night out for your whole school community.

 How does it work?

  • The Dinosaur Show comes to your school, sets up in the afternoon (3.30pm) for an evening performance (7pm).
  • Tickets are $15 and available to all school community family and friends.
  • Your school keeps $1 from every ticket sold.
  • Your school can also raise funds by opening your canteen before the performance.
  • There are no costs involved, we provide all marketing and promotional materials.
  • There is no effort required by your committee or the school staff. You simply book a date in your hall and we take care of the rest.
  • The Dinosaur Show has themes of friendship, courage and self-discovery.
  • The running time is approximately one hour.

 Booking The Dinosaur Show at your school

  • The Dinosaur Show will require the use of your school hall and stage. We need access to the stage area only for our setup but we will require the full hall for the performance
  • The Dinosaur Show will perform any night of the week but most families prefer Wednesday to Friday nights. We also do weekend performances.
  • We are currently taking bookings for term 4, 2011 and all terms in 2012.
  • If you are interested in making a booking or would like more information please contact us on 02 9557 8807 or email

Benefits for your school

Affordable live theatre for families

  • The Dinosaur Show is affordable professional live theatre that comes to your school. Cheaper than a night at the movies, Tyson is a great opportunity for families to see live theatre together.

Raise funds for your school.

  • Your school keeps $1 from every ticket sold.
  • Your school can also raise funds by opening your canteen before the performance.

Turn your auditorium into a theatre for a night and create an occasion

  • Tyson is aimed at the child in us all. It aims to be magical, thought provoking and funny. The Tyson storyline about friendship and courage is one we can all relate to and one that will promote discussion between teachers, children


  • Show Type: Live theatre
  • Curriculum area: Communication, the arts
  • Themes: Controlling emotions, friendship and courage
  • Running Time: 50 Min
  • Age range: Suitable for everyone

Who are the creators?

Adam Loxley and his company Ad-Lib Theatrical Productions are producing the Dinosaur Show. Adam is also the creator of the Wakakirri National Story Festival.


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