Dinosaur Puppets

About our puppet maker

Kassandra Bossell

Kassandra is a Sydney sculptor who makes creative works by private commission for a wide range of clients and in a broad range of media, with a particular emphasis on performance art.

Some of her past clients include the Melbourne Museum, National Maritime Museum, Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company, Fox Studios Australia and a wide range of commercial clients.

She has also created imaginative works for many community-based organisations including Newtown Festival, Bondi Pavillion, Mascon Festival, Woodford Festival and Mardi Gras.

Since taking her visual arts degree at Sydney University’s Sydney College of the Arts in 1990, Kassandra has continually expanded her range of technical skills, qualifying in such diverse fields as prosthetics and puppetry, props and mould making.

For the past 19 years Kassandra has been exhibiting her own works in sculpture, installation and drawings, mostly in Sydney, but also in Melbourne and Berlin.

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